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Teacher training Introductory II 2017-2020

teacher training

“Teaching is a difficult art, but this is the best service we can render to the human being.”
B.K.S. Iyengar

“Knowledge is always something universal, meaning it is not intended for a single person, it is not individual, but each individual contributes When knowledge is moving in a right direction and that. ignorance disappears, she takes us all in the same direction, that is how I learn when you learn. when you feel and understand, it brings me some knowledge, a comparable way, when I bring you a some knowledge, you begin to understand you too. “
Geeta S. Iyengar

“Learning is the gate, not the house. When you see the door, do not think that it s the house. To enter the house, you have to walk out the door. To the extent that learning is the door, do not confuse the treaties and the Way “
Yagyu Munenori


Content :

This training will consist of theory and practice of teaching asanas and pranayama basic of teaching BKSIyengar, in this case all the asanas on the list of syllabus Geeta Iyengar “Preliminary Course”, available in french and in English. Duration will be of 400 hours about minimum of teaching  in a three years course .

The purpose of this training is:

Convenient :

to acquire personal discipline and to practice regularly independently;
to gain an understanding of postures, they are linked and the link between them;
to acquire a good presentation and a proper sense of alignment;
to gain knowledge of practical anatomy and physiology basis, in connection with the postures;
to learn the use of adequately supports;
to acquire a basic knowledge of yoga philosophy: the yoga sutras, the bhagavat gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Upanishads related practice.

Teaching :

can teach a course for beginners;
can teach beginners, teaching them:

Proof of Principle :

principles of instruction
principles of observation
principles of correctness

Is :
to understand the relationship between practice and teaching;
learning to provide clear and precise instructions;
show address and attention in the observation of students in the courses;
get some control and some confidence in a course;
learn to correct students with explanations and the necessary adjustements;
to learn the sequence of postures and being able to teach and sirsana sarvangasana and be able to assist students in these asanas.

stage posture yoga

Each participant will get:

the basic material for the practice;
the works of B.K.S. Iyengar and Geeta Iyengar;
other educational resources or media will be advised later;

Interventions of outside teachers on specific topics will be proposed and written work will require participants.
Recommendations: It is recommended that applicants practice at home every day so that it will be possible. They will have to take at least one to three classes per week regularly.
The second year, they will attend a certified teacher in a course, once a week
(These recommendations are recommended, depending on geographic possibilities.)
they must be members of the the French Iyengar Yoga Association or any national Iyengar  Association .

It is organise in 6 weekends as well as a 6 day course per year for the first year of pre-training and for the following two years of training.


From the last recommandations of Pune (10 dec 2017) all Teachers training must stop and or must end by 2020. This is the last T.T .proposed.

Schedule for each week end of training :

Saturday from 11am to 1pm (general class participation) and from 3pm to 7pm.
Sunday from 9am to 12am and from 2pm to 5pm.

Dates of training courses for the 1st  year (2017-2018) :

23th and 24th SEPTEMBER 2017
13th and  14th  JANUARY 2018
10th and  11th FEBRUARY 2018
24th  and 25th MARCH 2018
12th and  13th MAY 2018
2nd and 3rd JUNE  2018
6 days course 26th of AUGUST until the 1st of SEPTEMBER in Chaloux, French Alps.

The training takes place in Marseille, the Iyengar Yoga Centre, 19 place Sébastopol 13004.
The first year consist in  a “pre-training” as other people who would like  not commit to a full three years training  may undertake.

Dates of training courses for the 2nd year (2018-2019)

22-23 September 2018
6-7 October 2018
17 -18 November 2018
19-20 January 2019
16-17 February 2019
16-17  March 2019
18-19 Mai 2019
22-23 June 2019

Participation fee, V.T.A. included

€ 1280 the first year (including six weekends and six days workshop in summer cycle).
Participation fee for the two next years will be the 1440 € each year (on a 8 week-end base).


It will not be not  possible to miss a week-end, except impossibility such as serious sickness or transport strike non planned and only once.
The first year will be completed, and commitment will be taken after the latter for the following two years.