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January, 16 2022, Thematic Workshop: twisting, digestion and elimination with Anne BAUDIER

This workshop will allow you to restart the year in a positive way, to chase away fatigue and excess.

From very simple yoga postures, you will boost your metabolism by stimulating blood circulation, organs and their associated glands. The postures will work on digestion and the elimination of toxins to deeply purify your body. Thanks to the twists, we will compress and then relax the internal organs, massage them and energize the kidneys and intestines.

This workshop is for all practitioners who have at least three months of practice.
This is an opportunity to deepen your understanding and practice of Iyengar yoga and to help you go further in exploring the postures.

Useful information

Date : Sunday, January, 16, 2022 from 9:am à 12:am

Place : Centre de Yoga Iyengar Marseilles

19 place Sébastopol
13009 Marseille

Price : 30 euros

For this workshop, it is recommended to practice on an empty stomach. Otherwise have a light breakfast.

Registration: Anne Baudier – 06 87 82 20 04 –