Yoga Props

Using yoga props

The use of props is a B.K.S.IYENGAR specific contribution to Yoga : the practice room is fully equipped with the same props that the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute

For his own use, and especially from the time when many Western flocked to his institute in Pune, BKSIYENGAR has developed a sophisticated system of props : straps, blocks , bolsters, benches, chairs, blankets, ropes, to facilitate the work of the stiff body just tired, or for specific therapeutic applications.
All these tools have targeted usages according to the difficulties of the individual and productive. These are not gadgets or “recipes” for postures.

The learning in the use of props is a significant part of the training of Iyengar teachers, to be able to integrate into their classes people of all ages and physical conditions without any risk. In addition, they help to awaken sensations in parts of the body and guide to understanding the direction and essence of a posture.

A recuperation is made today of these materials in other schools of yoga, by people who teach without taking the course, without really having learned to use it properly, and while not recognizing their origin this is damaging and sometimes dangerous. Much personal practice and a keen understanding of the adjustments is necessary for their application.