New registrations / Trial courses :

Just let us know by leaving your message on the answering machine or by sending us an email; we do not always have the ability to call back or answer you quickly, not being often available over the phone or on the Internet, and this can sometimes take a few days.

  • You do not have to wait for confirmation to attend a trial class
  • Introduce yourself 10 to 15 minutes before the beginning of the course

If you can not come to the orange schedules, level 1, you can also come to level 1 and 2 orange and green, from three months of course; the levels balance and we will adapt the courses to the participants.

If you have never practiced this method of yoga, participation in a first class is at the normal rate of twenty euros, but can be deducted from your card, if you take it immediately after the course, but it must be done during Beginner Level 1 only.

  • You are welcome to participate in a trial class at any time of the year, even if classes start in September.