Our teachers

  • Stéphane Lalo
    Stéphane Lalo Founder and Certified Advanced J 3

    Stephane began to practice yoga in 1973, he spent several years in various Vipassana meditation centres and Yoga ashrams before dedicating himself to the Iyengar method in 1985.
    After studying osteopathy , he started teaching yoga in Marseille in 1990 and he founded the Iyengar Yoga Centre of Marseille , in 1996. He has been certified “Advanced Junior 3” teacher by B.K.S. Iyengar and Geeta Iyengar at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune , India, where he has been going to study for several months each year since 1989.
    He also trains teachers since 2007 and is regularly invited to teach workshops in France and abroad.
    He teaches in both French and English.

  • Karen Long
    Karen Long Certified Junior 3

    Karen originally trained in Art and design. She first tried yoga in 1986. It had a huge impact on her and helped her cope with the stresses of her busy fashion industry job.
    After trying various styles of yoga over the next few years she eventually discovered Iyengar Yoga in 1990 and immediately felt ‘ at home’. It was then that she made the decision that she wanted to teach herself, although it was several years later that she began training, qualifying in 2003.
    She continues to train and attained her JI3 certificate in 2014.
    She has taught at various centres in London including the Iyengar Institute there and has been teaching in Marseille since 2015.
    Having had major surgery in 2011, Karen is particularly interested in the therapeutic aspects of Iyengar yoga.
    She also still loves art and works on film projects from time to time.

  • Isabelle Vass
    Isabelle Vass Introductory II

    Isabelle Vass is half British and grew up in England, Spain and has lived in several towns of France. First attracted by the spirituality of yoga, she discovers Iyengar yoga in 2001, at 18 years old in Montpellier. After a few years’ interruption, she renewed with yoga in 2008 in Brussels and practices intensely ever since. After finishing her studies in Political sciences, she worked for a few years in the arts before passing adminstrative exams. Nevertheless, she still dedicates her free time to her passion. In 2010 she settled down in Marseille where she was trained to teaching by Stephane Lalo, and gives classes in the Yoga Center of Marseille since 2014 in English, French and Spanish. She studied at the Iyengar Institute in Pune in 2015 and attended several workshops, helping to expand her vision of yoga.

  • Jean-Claude Valiente
    Jean-Claude Valiente Introductory II

    Jean-Claude Valiente,  a physics teacher, has been practicing yoga since 2008 and did complete his teacher  training with Stéphane Lalo. He has been certified Introductory II in November 2017 .
    “Since an early age I practiced sports, but tired of the competitive nature of these activities. I discovered yoga at the Iyengar Yoga Centre of Marseille in 2008 and was struck by the rigour, precision, energy, subtlety and quietness of the Iyengar Yoga practice. I kept coming back.
    Daily I experience the benefits of this practice and I would like to share this ancient art.”

  • Anne Baudier
    Anne Baudier Introductory II

    Anne discovered yoga in her practice of midwifery in 1999, with Bernadette De Gasquet.

    After the first Iyengar class she took, she knew it was the right practice she was looking for, since many years. She immediately loved the precision and the rigor of the asana and the feeling of well being. Each class is a new adventure, a new trip in the body and, asana after asana the mind change.

    Since 2005, she followed many workshops, in France, Israel and India. She passed few years in expatriation and decided then to start a teacher training with Gabi Doron. She is now living in Marseille and  has concluded the teacher training in  with Stephane Lalo for Introductory certificate 2

  • Solène Coignard
    Solène Coignard Introductory II

    After having studying ballet and contemporary dance in Paris, Solène discovers Iyengar Yoga practice with Mathilde Cegarra in Brussels. She continues her study with Willy Bok and Rita Poelvoorde. She starts the Iyengar Yoga Teacher training in 2012 and she got the certification in 2016.
    She teaches a year in the Iyengar Yoga Center in Brussels before moving to Canary Islands where she teaches a year and half in Buenavista del Norte.
    She got a University Degree in Anatomy and Analyze of Movement (method Blandine Calais Germain) and she is now studying to be a Pharmacy Technician in the Herbalist Pharmacy Le Père Blaize in Marseille.
    She is now studying with Stéphane Lalo in Marseille.