3rd – 30th of July Schedule  :

on Mondays ,18h30 -20h

Tuesdays , 19h -20h30

and Wednesdays 18h-19h30  only : general classes all levels , beginners welcome

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
 12h-13h30 level 1  12h15-13h45 level 1 11h30-13h
levels 1 and 2
 10h15-11h45 level 1 12h30-14h
level 1
level 1
level 1
levels 2 & 3
levels 2&3
levels 1 & 2
therapy class : subscription necessary
levels 2,3 & 4
level 2
level 1
level 1
levels 3 & 4
levels 1 & 2

Schedule :Horaires Yoga Iyengar Marseille_2017-18_VERSO

Holidays and closures times :

Center will be closed in the summer : JULY 30 th   until  SEPTEMBER 3 rd

JULY SCHEDULE ( reduced classes )

on Mondays ,18h30 -20h

Tuesdays , 19h -20h30

and Wednesdays 18h-19h30  only : general classes all levels , beginners welcome


First week : Karen

Second week : Anne

Third and fourth weeks : Stéphane

Residential courses are organised in July and August.dep-stage-tardoun-2017-cs3



Classes begin in early September and ends in  mid July.
The year is calculated on the basis of 40 weeks.
The Annual Payment can be made in several checks, but must be set mandatory at registration.
For the first trial class , the  normal or reduced fare can be deducted from your card; if you take it immediately after the first class or in the following week.
Classes set to which you are committed to participate will in no case be refunded or exchanged. The validity date of your card must be strictly respected. Prolongation of the set date will not be  possible .


The cards are registered, but the classes that you have  missed in a quarter will be made up during the next quarter, if you take a new card immediately after the end of the validity period of the previous card. There are daily classes during  the whole week and you are not required to come to the same class every week, although it is however advisable.
An annual registration fee of € 30 for membership with  the A.F.Y.I. ,  to be done on line ,(French Iyengar Yoga Association) optional, is adviced .
A discount of about 10% is given to students and people  with financial difficulties . (TR), Bring  notice . Contact us in case of specific problems.
The Association reserves the right to open a new class, change the
timings  during the year or delete a class  (if  the  attendance is  less than a regular  base of 8 people)

If you have coming to  a two-hour class , and you being enrolled in a class of  one and a half hour, an additional 4 € fee will be required.

Trial lessons

Simply let us know by leaving your message on the answering machine or send us an email; we do not always have the ability to call you back  or reply quickly, often not being available on the phone or on the Internet, and it can sometimes take a few days; you do not need to wait for confirmation to come and  join a class .

If you  have never practiced this method of yoga,  the fees for attending a first  trial class is the normal price of twenty euros, but can  be deducted from your card, if you take it immediately or  in the following week , but you will be admitted in Level beginner 1 class only.

Come  5 to 10 minutes before the start from the beginning of a class and fasting with a flexible hold, T-shirt and  shorts  (no baggy trousers) and no socks on.

NOTE : You will not be accepted in another course beginner 1 if you have already practiced the same method at least one full year in our school or with one of our certified colleagues of the method. (With logo).