Schedule 2018-2019

SCHEDULE 2018-2019 from the 3rd of SEPTEMBER 2018

Download the pdf schedule 2018-19 : Horaires 2018-19.

Check the list of closing days and holidays for 2018-2019.

REMINDER : There will be no class on Sunday 30th of June 2019.


Monday – 6pm: beginners and intermediate

Tuesday – 7pm: beginners

Wednesday – 6:30pm : beginners and intermediate

Tursday – 7pm : intermediate


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


level 1



level 1


levels 1 / 2


level 1


level 1


level 1


levels 2 / 3


levels 2 / 3


levels 1 / 2

17h30- 19h

 Restorative and /or therapy class

registration required


levels 2 / 4


level 2


level 1


level 1


levels 3 / 4



levels 1 / 2


All levels

Additional Informations

Classes begin in early September and finish at the end of July. The yearly card is calculated on the basis of 45 classes during the 46 weeks schedule  (holidays are not included in the calculation)
The Payment for an annual card can be made with several cheques, but you must request this at registration.
For the first trial class, the normal or reduced fare is paid but this can be deducted from your card if you take it immediately after the first class or in the following week.
The card will in no case be refunded or exchanged. The validity date of your card must be strictly respected. Prolongation of the set date will not be  possible.


If you do not use all of your classes before the end of the 12 week period (termly cards) then it is possible to extend the validity of the card only if you take a new card starting from the end of the validity period of the previous card. There are daily classes  and you are not obliged to come to the same class every week, although it is  preferable.
We strongly encourage you to join the A.F.Y.I. (French Iyengar Yoga Association). An annual membership fee of € 30  is available online.

A discount of about 10%  can be  given to students and people with financial difficulties (see TR). Contact us in case of specific problems.

The Association reserves the right to open a new class, change the timings during the year or delete a class (if the attendance is less than a regular base of 6 people).
If you attend a two-hour class without a 2 hour class card an additional 4 € fee will be required.

Trial lessons

Simply let us know that you intend to come by leaving a message on the answering machine or sending us an email.  You do not need to wait for confirmation to come and  join a class .
The fees for attending your first  trial class will be twenty euros, but this can be deducted from your card should you take one immediately or  during the following week. You will be admitted to  Level  1 beginner classes only.
Arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the start time of a class with an empty stomach, wear a T-shirt and  shorts  (no baggy trousers). Socks are not worn.

NOTE : You will only be accepted in beginner 1classes unless you have  already practiced the Iyengar method for at least one full year in our school or with a certified  Iyengar  teacher elsewhere .


Beginner level 1

Introductory class , Level 1 (class possible trial): please come with an empty stomach, 10 minutes before the class, without waiting for confirmation. We can not always call you back or respond quickly by email before sometimes several days. The class will be set normally or will be deducted from your subscription.

NOTES: There ‘s no current free course in our school : in order to keep a small group, motivated and consistent, and to not hinder the progress and quality of education. We consider that a participation is a normal and necessary expense.

It is always possible at any time in the year, to start  the yoga classes, with us  although it is always best to start in September. There is always room available and there is no need to wait for confirmation of your reservation to come to a Level 1 class  Since there are class available every day, the number of participants may vary a class to another, or from one week to the other, we cannot predict.

If you have never practiced  the Iyengar method with a certified teacher for at least one full year in our school or  within a certified school Iyengar, you cannot under any circumstances participate in other classes than those beginner Level I, even if you  have practiced or practice also another method of yoga. We will assess your level after the first class, and your ability to reach another level if doubt.

Level 2

One year of regular classes, being able to do Sarvangasana easily.

Intermediate Level

From two to three years of regular courses. You are able to do Shirshasana in space.

Advanced Level

From three years of classes, teachers and regular personal practice.