Holidays and closing days 2018-2019

Holidays and closings calendar 2018-2019

Labour day : Wednesday 1st of May 2019 (lessons on the 8th of May will be taught).
Classes will be cancelled on :
  • Friday 7th of June at 12.30 and 5.30 pm.
  • Saturday 8th of June at 9.15 and 11 am.
  • Monday 10th of June at 12.00.
  • Tuesday 11th of June at 12.15.
  • Sunday 30th of June at 6:30 pm.
From the 1st to th 27th of July, the classes will be taught  on a reduced schedule : consult the shedule.
Closing for summer holidays : from the 28th of July to the 1st September 2019.
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